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Regardless of your age, you should never stop going to school......Sunday School, that is. At FBCOI we feel strongly in having everyone attend Sunday School, as this provides you with an opportunity to learn about specific precepts that our Father in Heaven has given to us, and how we may apply these lessons to our daily lives and through our interactions with others.

Sunday 9:45am


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
Nursery: Birth to age 3
Children 1: Pre-K-1st
Children 2: 2nd-3rd
Children 3: 4th-5th
Children 4: 6th grade
Youth Bible Study (7th – 12th Grade Students)

Our class goal is to move students to understand who they are in Christ, why they believe what they believe and what their role is in the church. Each lesson is designed to keep students engaged with the truth of God’s Word and learn practical application for living in relationship with God and other people. We gather each week for fellowship and discussion with the hopes of learning from the Scriptures powerful and applicable truths that have deep impact on life in school, college and beyond.

Young Adults:

Our class is designed to bring community to young adults. We focus on studying God’s Word so that it’s real and familiar to us, and on encouraging each other to authentically seek after and model Jesus Christ in our lives. Our group is made up of young adults in their 20’s and early 30’s. Some of us have no children and some have just recently become parents. We emphasize the value of community and fellowship as we individually and corporately grow to be more like Christ.


Couples (Adelphoi Class) Our class is made up of married couples who may or may not have children, as well as engaged couples. We use a conversational approach to study God’s Word and its specific application to couples seeking to build and strengthen their marriages. The goal of our class is to help families and individuals deepen their walk with the Lord and to make disciples in order to change the world.

Women of the Word (WOW!) Class Our group is for all women, whatever their stage or age in life. As women fellowship together they learn from each other and grow into a support for each other with the common thread of “Christ our Lord and Savior, who is our hope”. We want you to know that whatever season of life you are in, God will meet you there. Our goal is to help you understand who you are in Christ and to help you grow in a deeper relationship with Him through fellowship with other women and the study of God’s Word.

Adult Class (Fellowship Class) This Bible Fellowship Class is for mid-life and senior adult couples and singles who want to learn how to share their faith with family, friends and others. We welcome all new comers. The first part of the class is fellowship, followed by focusing on prayer concerns. Priority is given to the teaching of the Word, with class participation encouraged, but not required. Our purpose is to build deep relationships between ourselves and Jesus Christ, as well as with each other.

Adult Class (J.O.Y. Class) This Bible Fellowship Class is for mid-life and senior adult couples and singles that look for ways to grow more like Jesus each day and seek to be witnesses that will encourage others to want to be like Jesus. We also emphasize how the gospel applies to everyday living and how we must grow in word and deed to please God and our Savior Jesus Christ. Our class lessons consists of a book by book study of the Bible.

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